Saturday, September 22, 2012

Date Night Kit

Here is the Date Night Kit post I promised. 
This was the Hostess Gift and cost around $150 to put together.
It was a huge hit...and my niece doesn't even know what's inside yet!
Below you will find a description and picture of each month's date.
I had a TON of fun putting it together!
Hope you get some ideas!
The contents are pretty self-explanatory,
but if you have any questions--leave me a note!

I got a cute bag at the Dollar Store, 12 Manila envelopes, an assortment of ribbon scraps (thanks to my good friend, Debbie!) and printed out the monthly stickers and the title.

My niece is getting married this month (September) so the dates nights are from Oct.-Sept.

Here goes:












I had a ton of additional ideas, but we were only doing 12!
Leave a comment and follow me...more party ideas to come~

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bridal Shower Fun

I helped with a shower for my niece this weekend. 
We had a lot of fun, and enjoyed some treats via Pinterest!

I did the "Bride To Be" banner in green and aqua to go along with the party colors.
My sister-in-law made the yummy punch with Ginger Ale, Pineapple Juice and Lime Sherbert.

Here you see the Bean Dip cups -a big hit, from Pinterest! I also had all the separate items in case some people didn't like it all put together.

We had mini cupcakes. I was a little lazy and used canned frosting. I found the Funfetti Vanilla Blue by Pillsbury, minus the sprinkles! So simple.

We also had a yogurt bar! So yummy.

Here is a sneak peak at my next post, the Hostess Gift:



I'm so excited about starting my newest blog--all about parties!
How fun is THAT?
I hope you stop back often and see what I've got going on.